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Search Engine Optimisation - The Major Points

Search Engine Optimisation - The Major Points

Search Engine Optimisation is no easy task - in fact for many it is a long winded task that requires time and attention to detail. Search Engine Optimisation or SEO can be particularly difficult for a beginner as the search engine landscape is a vast territory, filled with competitors, who employ experts. However, a good understanding of a few concepts could get you far...

Search Engines:

Knowing your web searching tools is an excellent way of understanding which ones are more likely to divert traffic to you website. Favourites are generally, Google, MSN and Yahoo, as these are used by most computer users. Moreover, play about with Google - as getting to know what keywords give the most appropriate hits, will enable you to optimise your site. The best keywords will often bring up the bigger companies, enabling you to get to know your competition too.

Key Words:

Keywords are one of the foundations of SEO. If you do not have precise and short keywords, you will never be naturally highly rated by a search engine. Your keywords must be accurate and will demonstrate what you are selling. Try to avoid too much description, as often simpler words will get more hits. Additionally, it is always good to know your market base - as a good understanding will allow you to gain powerful keywords that your target market use, such as culturally shared slang or idioms.

Next is knowing where to place these keywords - most engine optimisers make sure the keywords are in the website content. They review the written content, the title names, file names, links and the written structure of the navigation bar - and if a re-write is necessary, implement these keywords into the content and structure. Placing accurate and powerful keywords into the direct structure will immediately enhance your rank on engines, such as Google, Yahoo and MSN.


An excellent way to optimise your site is through links. Building up 'link popularity' as it is known, will enable you to naturally climb the search engine ranks. By placing your link over various places on the web continuously, you will build up a 'reputation' with search engines, which will in turn divert more traffic to your site. However, many sites, such as article directories and forums will not permit a 'hard sell' line, so often a softer approach has been taken by SEO companies and other organisations. Some optimisers engage with informative discussions and write relevant articles, which include those ever important keywords and links, so as to soft market the particular product or service. When blogging or submitting an article for commercial purposes it is integral that you follow the website's guidelines, as otherwise you could end up exempt from that website in the future.

Search Engine Optimisation is a heavily competitive arena, and if you feel you are still not up to the task - it is probably best you think about employing a professional Search Engine Optimiser.

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